What is this site about anyways?

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Welcome to the Ottawa Cyclist! This site is all about getting around town by bike as a way of transportation and a way of life. A place where people can discuss ideas, share route info, and find out what others are up to.

Ottawa is a great town for biking, and it’s getting better all the time. Some of us will complain about lack of bike racks in places, poor snow clearing, etc. but let’s face it – it’s absolutely possible and practical to be a bike commuter.

And we need information. Got tips about parking? What to do when Cottonelle is on sale? What is up with the Chaudière bridge? Is the snow clear behind Parliament Hill yet? Put it here.

I’ll be posting articles as often as I can, but I am hardly the most knowledgeable in town. Hopefully with everyone’s input we can make something truly useful.

Hope to hear from you!

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